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Children are so open, with such mercurial expressions, that sometimes it’s better to just shoot video. You won’t hang it on the wall, of course. With the iPhone, there’s another option, and that’s actually holding the shutter button down to capture a series of photos.

That’s what I did recently when I visited our grandson, Jack, at his daycare during recess. We were sitting under a huge bull pine and I was teaching him how to use pine needles as mini-helicopters when he began to exclaim about the size of the tree we were sitting under. This whole sequence took less than five seconds, and you can see how his facial expressions changed.

Thanksgiving With The Fam-i-ly

Robert Earl Keen would have felt right at home. Mom had baked her mother’s signature pies, caramel and vinegar (as well as pumpkin and cherry), and made dressing and giblet gravy. Little sister Denice and Richard provided the venue, as well as the turkey and ham. My queen provided the string beans and cranberry salad. Dave brought our nieces, Cambridge and Riley (who spent most of the afternoon sequestered in a distant room playing Minecraft). Monica came, as well, as did our boys, Leo with Scherrie and Lucas solo. Niece Kelsey came late to the party. Lunch was lovely and we put together a 42 table. It had been many years since I’d played but it was a hoot, with Monica and Denice beating Mom and I the first two games, then we won the last two. I snapped shots of niece Cambridge playing with Winston, Denice’s standard poodle, who proved to be very patient. Kelsey posed for a couple of headshots against the backdrop of Hollytree’s golf course and then it was time for one more piece of pie and the Cowboys vs the Panthers. There were no raised voices today, no hurt feelings. I think we are all grateful for this period of peace and good health.

Rest In Peace, Cuz’

11_71_Buffalo_Janie&Leslie_288My cousin Janetha has lost her battle with lung cancer. She gave it the good fight, hung on far longer than the original prognosis. She was four years older than me and always beautiful. She married a tall young man, John, when they were both right out of high school. They had two great kids, Leslie and Clay, both of whom graduated Texas A&M.

I snapped photos of Janie and her family as time would allow (Janie and daughter Leslie are pictured above in a snap from the 70’s, Janie and John below in ’04) but I never set up a formal portrait shoot and tonight I am reminded of how the days and years fly by. I am saddened by my cousin’s death, of course, but I feel the loss even more knowing that I’ll never get that family photo I had envisioned. For a photographer, procrastination has real consequences. That’s a lesson I seem to keep learning.

My Love Affair with Photography

I fell in love with photography as a toddler sitting in the window seat of Mrs Norwood’s library poring through her collection of National Geographic, Look and Life magazines. Mom gave me a camera for my 8th birthday, and photography has been a part of my life ever since. I bought my first single lens reflex camera ten years later…a Canon FT.CanonFT

I shot the image below of a Japanese fisherman heading out at dawn on the first roll of Ektachrome I exposed. When this photo was revealed in the darkroom, I was hooked.