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Sunset Over South Tyler

2018-09-17, Sunset Over South Tyler & Flint

We get some killer sunsets from time-to-time and I put the Phantom 4 Pro up 300 feet to get this panorama of South Tyler and Flint. The “river” you see is actually fog flowing down the creek bottom (Shackelford and Mud Creeks). On the skyline at right are the Faulkner Park lights. Below is a single frame with more detail.

Fog Over Old Lake

Fog is the ultimate diffuser, and on those days when it hangs on I like to make some snaps, particularly over water. This is Old Lake, the first in a chain of three in our neighborhood.

~ Shot 10 Feb 2018 with the Light L16: ISO 100, Exposure 1/100 s, Focal Length 85mm

Unplanned Portrait

Jack Panagl and Big Board at Country Place Lake

Jack Panagl and Big Board at Country Place Lake

I ran across this young fella yesterday while out fishing. He was sitting on the lake bridge looking out on the water. I felt a certain sympatico with someone who appreciated the view enough to sit and admire it so I stopped and introduced myself to 14-year-old Jack Panagl. I found out he and his family are neighbors on Oak Meadow Circle, that he’s lived here about a year and goes to Whitehouse Middle School (not Jesuit). He rides this big board down the hill on Lakeshore (but only about half of it…he’s not nuts). Jack’s not sure of what he wants to be when he grows up, and he doesn’t “dislike” fishing (damning with faint praise). I told him about my 10.5 pound bass, hoping to motivate him, but am not sure he shared my excitement.

I don’t normally ask strangers for portraits, but this teen was generous enough to give me a couple of minutes to act as my model against one of my favorite backdrops. My best to Jack and his family.

B&W Challenge: Fog Horses

This photograph was taken in the early 80’s, shortly after I moved back to Texas from Hollywood. I was on a fishing trip, it was very early, and I saw these horses standing almost motionless in the fog. I stopped, rested my camera across the roof of my Scirocco and shot three frames. These slides were kept in a storage facility for twenty years without the benefit of climate control and the color shifted so much that a transition to black-and-white was almost painless.12-81_Buffalo_FogHorses_372

“Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?” • Job 39:19

We share the Earth with some amazing animals, but none more beautiful or majestic than the horse. The history of Man would be much different, and certainly less enjoyable, without the help and companionship of these wonderful creatures.

Last Friday I spent several hours with horsemen, people whose lives are centered around the breeding, training, and competition of a particular breed, the American Quarter Horse. Currently the most popular breed in the US with over 5,000,000 registered, the quarter horse is a sprinter that has been clocked at 55 mph in the quarter mile. If you’ve ever attended a rodeo, you’ve almost certainly seen them compete in barrel racing, roping, and cutting competitions.

Photographing a horse is a bit like photographing someone you love…you see their beauty from every angle. The camera can be cruel, though; over the years I have snapped thousands of horse photos and have only a handful I consider portfolio quality. I keep trying, though. Friday, on my way back to the office from the Circle Bar H Ranch I was passing by the Tyler Rose Horse Park and stopped to admire the beauties above. No, it won’t go into my portfolio, but it will remind me of a pleasant day spent talking horses.

Tyler Winter Storm

There’s cold weather moving into our area today…hopefully without the precipitation we had back in January of 2007 when I shot this photo in South Tyler. We don’t get many cold fronts like this so it’s a news event…and a good time to remember that East Texas drivers aren’t accustomed to driving on ice!

Bitchin’ Skyline

I lived in Dallas longer than I lived anywhere in my cross-country career across America. I met my wife in Oak Lawn, our sons were born at Presbyterian…the city will always hold a special place for me. But after spending most of my adult years in major metropolitan areas (New York, LA, Miami Beach, Denver, Houston), I was ready for a less congested home base.

We’ve lived in Tyler since 2003 and these days I rarely get back to Big D, but Pearl and I spent the night there last Monday. I got up early Tuesday  and was treated to a gray dawn over downtown. I remember something photographer Gary Knowlton said to us when he visited from Portland for the first time and we drove into town…”Dallas has a bitchin’ skyline!”. Amen.

My Love Affair with Photography

I fell in love with photography as a toddler sitting in the window seat of Mrs Norwood’s library poring through her collection of National Geographic, Look and Life magazines. Mom gave me a camera for my 8th birthday, and photography has been a part of my life ever since. I bought my first single lens reflex camera ten years later…a Canon FT.CanonFT

I shot the image below of a Japanese fisherman heading out at dawn on the first roll of Ektachrome I exposed. When this photo was revealed in the darkroom, I was hooked.