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Archives for June 2014

“Hast thou given the horse strength? Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?” • Job 39:19

We share the Earth with some amazing animals, but none more beautiful or majestic than the horse. The history of Man would be much different, and certainly less enjoyable, without the help and companionship of these wonderful creatures.

Last Friday I spent several hours with horsemen, people whose lives are centered around the breeding, training, and competition of a particular breed, the American Quarter Horse. Currently the most popular breed in the US with over 5,000,000 registered, the quarter horse is a sprinter that has been clocked at 55 mph in the quarter mile. If you’ve ever attended a rodeo, you’ve almost certainly seen them compete in barrel racing, roping, and cutting competitions.

Photographing a horse is a bit like photographing someone you love…you see their beauty from every angle. The camera can be cruel, though; over the years I have snapped thousands of horse photos and have only a handful I consider portfolio quality. I keep trying, though. Friday, on my way back to the office from the Circle Bar H Ranch I was passing by the Tyler Rose Horse Park and stopped to admire the beauties above. No, it won’t go into my portfolio, but it will remind me of a pleasant day spent talking horses.